Biogeography of subterranean decapods in North and Central America and the Caribbean region (Caridea, Astacidea, Brachyura)

  title={Biogeography of subterranean decapods in North and Central America and the Caribbean region (Caridea, Astacidea, Brachyura)},
  author={Horton H. Hobbs},
A significant number of decapod crustaceans (81 troglobites and 58 other cavernicoles) has been described from various subterranean waters in North and Central America (United States south to Costa Rica) and from the islands in the western north Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, posing puzzling questions concerning their evolution and biogeography. Of these troglobitic species, 36 are shrimps (1 procarid, 11 atyids, 2 agostocarids, 15 palaemonids, 2 alpheids, 5 hippolytids), 35 are cambarid… CONTINUE READING

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