Biogeography based tuning of PID controllers for Load Frequency Control in microgrid


This paper presents a novel technique for tuning PID controllers for Load Frequency Control (LFC) in an autonomous hybrid microgrid using Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO). The hybrid system consists of Wind Turbine Generators (WTG), Solar Photo Voltaic generators (SPV), Diesel Engine Generators (DEG), Fuel Cells (FC), Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS) and Aqua Electrolyser (AE). In this work, BBO algorithm is employed to search for the optimal controller parameters and to achieve the best coordinated control of the hybrid system. Further, the dynamic performance analysis of the hybrid system is done by subjecting the system to various disturbance conditions such as sudden variation of wind power, solar irradiation and load. The simulation results obtained are compared with conventional method. The result shows that the PID controller tuned using BBO is superior in both the transient as well as steady state performances in comparison with conventional method.

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