Biogeochemistry of an Iron-Rich Hypersaline Microbial Mat (Camargue, France)

  title={Biogeochemistry of an Iron-Rich Hypersaline Microbial Mat (Camargue, France)},
  author={A. Wieland and Jakob Zopfi and M. L. Benthien and Michael K{\"u}hl},
  journal={Microbial Ecology},
In situ microsensor measurements were combined with biogeochemical methods to determine oxygen, sulfur, and carbon cycling in microbial mats growing in a solar saltern (Salin-de-Giraud, France). Sulfate reduction rates closely followed the daily temperature changes and were highest during the day at 25°C and lowest during the night at 11°C, most probably fueled by direct substrate interactions between cyanobacteria and sulfate-reducing bacteria. Sulfate reduction was the major mineralization… CONTINUE READING