Biogeochemical redox processes and their impact on contaminant dynamics.

  title={Biogeochemical redox processes and their impact on contaminant dynamics.},
  author={Thomas Borch and Ruben Kretzschmar and Andreas Kappler and Philippe Van Cappellen and Matthew Ginder-Vogel and Andreas Voegelin and Kate Campbell},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={44 1},
Life and element cycling on Earth is directly related to electron transfer (or redox) reactions. An understanding of biogeochemical redox processes is crucial for predicting and protecting environmental health and can provide new opportunities for engineered remediation strategies. Energy can be released and stored by means of redox reactions via the oxidation of labile organic carbon or inorganic compounds (electron donors) by microorganisms coupled to the reduction of electron acceptors… CONTINUE READING


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