Biogenic Methane, Hydrogen Escape, and the Irreversible Oxidation of Early Earth

  title={Biogenic Methane, Hydrogen Escape, and the Irreversible Oxidation of Early Earth},
  author={D. Catling and K. Zahnle and C. Mckay},
  pages={839 - 843}
  • D. Catling, K. Zahnle, C. Mckay
  • Published 2001
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Science
  • The low O2 content of the Archean atmosphere implies that methane should have been present at levels ∼102 to 103 parts per million volume (ppmv) (compared with 1.7 ppmv today) given a plausible biogenic source. CH4 is favored as the greenhouse gas that countered the lower luminosity of the early Sun. But abundant CH4 implies that hydrogen escapes to space (↑space) orders of magnitude faster than today. Such reductant loss oxidizes the Earth. Photosynthesis splits water into O2 and H, and… CONTINUE READING
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    10.11 – The Global Oxygen Cycle
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    The rise of oxygen and siderite oxidation during the Lomagundi Event
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    Anaerobic methanotrophy and the rise of atmospheric oxygen
    • D. Catling, M. Claire, K. Zahnle
    • Physics, Biology
    • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
    • 2007
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    6.7 – The Great Oxidation Event Transition
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    Biogeochemical modelling of the rise in atmospheric oxygen
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    The Continuing Puzzle of the Great Oxidation Event
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    Rethinking the Paleoproterozoic Great Oxidation Event: A Biological Perspective
    • J. Grula
    • History, Environmental Science
    • 2010
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    Waiting for O 2


    Greenhouse warming by CH4 in the atmosphere of early Earth.
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    Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations before 2.2 billion years ago
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    Mantle Redox Evolution and the Oxidation State of the Archean Atmosphere
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    Atmospheric influence of Earth's earliest sulfur cycle
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