Biogenesis of mitochondria. 52


The characteristics of recombination of several petite (rho -) mutants of S. cerevisiae that retain the ω-influenced region of the mitochondrial genome, identified by the markers cap1-r, ery1-r and tsr1, are described. The petites were derived from an ω− grande (rho +) strain and those petites which retain all three markers show recombination properties similar to those of the ω- parental strain. However, other rho - mutants that retain the cap1 and ery1 loci but have lost the tsr1 locus, which is located between cap1 and ery1, show markedly different properties of mitochondrial transmission and recombination, consistent with the presence of ω+ alleles. The association of an internal deletion between the cap1 and ery1 loci with a change in ω phenotype provides additional evidence for the location of ω between these two loci. Although the petites deleted for the tsr1 locus exhibited the recombination properties of ω+ strains, it was not possible to transmit this characteristic to rho + recombinant cells. Experiments on the kinetics of elimination by ethidium bromide of the cap1 and eryl markers from the petites and measurements of the buoyant densities of their mtDNA species did not indicate major changes (such as selective sequence repetition) in the sequences of the mtDNAs. The possible nature of the changes in the mtDNAs of these petites is discussed in light of recent studies on the physical nature of the ω alleles.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00267803

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