Biofuels from microalgae—A review of technologies for production, processing, and extractions of biofuels and co-products

  title={Biofuels from microalgae—A review of technologies for production, processing, and extractions of biofuels and co-products},
  author={Liam Brennan and Philip Owende},
  journal={Renewable \& Sustainable Energy Reviews},
  • L. BrennanP. Owende
  • Published 1 February 2010
  • Engineering
  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews

Algae-Derived Biomass for Sustainable and Renewable Biofuel Production

This chapter reports an ideal alternative source of energy derived from microalgae that hold great promise for the future and elucidates algae lipid metabolism and production as key fundamentals to consider towards achieving the most desired global energy demand that is sustainable and ecofriendly.

Biofuels from Microalgae: Towards Meeting Advanced Fuel Standards

Continued reliance on fossil fuel reserves as the primary energy resource is increasingly becoming unsustainable, owing to the need for: minimal exposure to the associate price volatility, reduction

Biofuel from Microalgae – A Review on the Current Status and Future Trends

The constant reliance on fossil fuel energy resources is unsustainable, due to both depleting world reserves and increasing green house gas emissions associated with their use and thus there are

Improvement of Harvesting Technology for Algal Biomass Production

Global demands for biomass utilization as food, feed, biofuels and chemical production have been increased to a great extent. For a sustainable future it is necessary to minimise the environmental

Production of Biofuel from Algae: An Economic and Eco-Friendly Resource

: Biomass is a renewable energy resource derived from the carbonaceous waste of various human and natural activities. Bio-fuels such as ethanol, biodiesel are important because they replace petroleum

Production technologies, current role, and future prospects of biofuels feedstocks: A state-of-the-art review

Abstract Fossil fuel continued overuse and carbon emissions issues have prompted increased research efforts on sustainable and renewable energy sources as alternative to fossil fuels. Biofuels

Microalgae as a renewable source of energy –processing and biofuel production a short review

The large application potential of micro-algae in the clean energy, biopharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries have recently drawn a substantial world interest. Biofuels, bioactive pharmaceutical

Microbial Strategies for Techno-economic Biofuel Production

Desires of living a higher standard of life bring regular consumption of non-renewable energy resources. This conventional fuel consumption causes emission of CO2, particulate matter, and greenhouse



Second Generation Biofuels: High-Efficiency Microalgae for Biodiesel Production

The use of fossil fuels is now widely accepted as unsustainable due to depleting resources and the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the environment that have already exceeded the “dangerously

Biodiesel from microalgae.

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Intensively managed microalgal production facilities are capable of fixing several-fold more carbon dioxide per unit area than trees or crops. Although CO, is still released when fuels derived from

CO2 mitigation with microalgae systems

Biodiesel from microalgae beats bioethanol.

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Biofixation of CO2 and greenhouse gas abatement with microalgae

Aquatic biomass and carbon dioxide trapping

Biodiesel production from oleaginous microorganisms

Towards Sustainable Production of Biofuels from Microalgae

This paper aims to analyze and promote integration approaches for sustainable microalgal biofuel production to meet the energy and environmental needs of the society.