Biofuels: steer clear of degraded land.

  title={Biofuels: steer clear of degraded land.},
  author={Joachim H. Spangenberg and Josef Settele},
  volume={326 5958},
  pages={1346; author reply 1346}
IN THEIR POLICY FORUM “BENEFICIAL BIOFUELS—THE FOOD, energy, and environment trilemma” (17 July, p. 270), D. Tilman et al. argue that the search for beneficial biofuels should focus on feedstocks that (i) do not compete with food crops, (ii) do not lead to land-clearing, and (iii) offer real greenhouse-gas reductions. We suggest a fourth criterion: the maximization of social benefits. Indonesia’s oil palm industry provides employment for 4.5 million people (1). Many smallholder producers also… CONTINUE READING