Biofiltration of air contaminated with toluene.

  title={Biofiltration of air contaminated with toluene.},
  author={Hicham Elmrini and F Kerdouss and Hasnaa Jorio and Mich{\'e}le Heitz},
  journal={Environmental technology},
  volume={22 8},
In industrial activities, operation of air biofilters may be interrupted for a long period of time. In order to examine the effect of shut-down on the performance of biofilters, a pilot scale biofiltration unit was restarted up after a non-use duration of eight months. After a reacclimation period of eight days, the biofilter reached an elimination capacity of 35 g x m(-3) x h(-1) compared to 38 g x m(-3) x h(-1) before shut-down, for the same operating conditions. The results obtained indicate… CONTINUE READING

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