Biofield therapies and psychoneuroimmunology

  title={Biofield therapies and psychoneuroimmunology},
  author={Paul J Mills and Shamini Jain},
  journal={Brain, Behavior, and Immunity},
In this issue of Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, Lutgendorf et al. (this issue) report on a prospective randomized clinical trial that examined the effects of a biofield therapy (versus relaxation therapy or standard care) on natural killer cell cytotoxicity (NKCC), depression and quality of life in cervical cancer patients receiving chemoradiation. Biofield therapy? This type of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapy includes practices such as Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Qi… Expand
Mind-Body Medicine
Mind-body medicine focuses on the ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, experiential, and behavioral factors can directly affect health. Mind-Body therapies are the least “alternative”Expand
Energy Medicine
Energy medicine (EM) is medicine based on physics instead of biochemistry. Energy medi‐ cine works with subtle forms of energy known as chi or prana that exist in and around the human body. EM treatsExpand
Acceptability and Feasibility of Reiki for Symptom Management in Children Receiving Palliative Care
Results support the acceptability and the feasibility of a Reiki therapy intervention for children ages 7 to 16 years receiving palliative care and help clarify the quantitative results. Expand
The effectiveness of biofield therapies for decreasing symptoms of pain and anxiety, and improving QoL
Jain S, Mills PJ. Biofield therapies: helpful or full of hype? A best evidence synthesis. Int J Behav Med 2010; 17: 1–16.


Biofield Therapies: Helpful or Full of Hype? A Best Evidence Synthesis
Evidence for biofield therapies' effects on fatigue and quality of life for cancer patients, as well as for comprehensive pain outcomes and affect in pain patients, and for decreasing anxiety in cardiovascular patients is examined. Expand
Preservation of immune function in cervical cancer patients during chemoradiation using a novel integrative approach
HT may benefit cervical cancer patients by moderating effects of chemoradiation on depressed mood and cellular immunity, and reduce treatment-associated toxicities and treatment delay in cervical cancer Patients receiving cheMoradiation. Expand
Biofield therapies: biophysical basis and biological regulations?
This article reviews some recent studies addressing the characterization of endogenous energy fields and the way they affect the physiologic processes. Expand
Therapeutic touch affects DNA synthesis and mineralization of human osteoblasts in culture
Therapeutic Touch appears to increase human osteoblast DNA synthesis, differentiation and Mineralization, and decrease differentiation and mineralization in a human osteosarcoma‐derived cell line. Expand
Biophoton detection and low-intensity light therapy: a potential clinical partnership.
The case for pursuing further investigation into the potential clinical partnership between biophoton detection and LILT is presented, including the detection of biophotons, the production of which is associated with cellular redox state and the generation of ROS. Expand
The Energy Body and Its Functions
  • Daniel Brown
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 2009
There are three interrelated levels of a macromolecular energy‐information relay system in the human body, each generated by a specific type of semiconductant tissue and each with a specificExpand
Correlation between NK function and response to trastuzumab in metastatic breast cancer patients
It is shown here that trastuzumab's potency is correlated with the short-term response to treatment, whereas longer protection against tumor expansion seems to be mediated by pure NK activity. Expand
Radiation Response of Cultured Human Cells Is Unaffected by Johrei
No indication that the radiation response of cultured cells is affected by Johrei treatment is found, and analysis of variance did not reveal any significant differences on division rate or death rate between treatment groups. Expand
External Qi of Yan Xin Qigong induces G2/M arrest and apoptosis of androgen-independent prostate cancer cells by inhibiting Akt and NF-κB pathways
It is found that exposure to YXQG-EQ led to G2/M arrest associated with reduced cyclin B1 expression and apoptosis in PC3 cells, indicating that YXZG- EQ has profound effects on growth and apoptose of prostate cancer cells by targeting survival pathways including the Akt and NF-κB pathways. Expand