Bioequivalence evaluation of two brands of metformin 500 mg tablets (Dialon & Glucophage)--in healthy human volunteers.


A randomized, two-way, crossover study was conducted in 24 fasting, healthy, male volunteers to compare the bioavailability of two brands of metformin 500 mg tablets; Dialon (Julphar, UAE) as test and Glucophage (Lipha Pharmaceutical Industries, France) as reference product. The study was performed at the International Pharmaceutical Research Centre (IPRC), in joint venture with Al-Mowasah Hospital, Amman, Jordan. The drug was administered with 240 ml of water after a 10-h overnight fasting on two treatment days separated by 1-week washout period. After dosing, serial blood samples were collected for a period of 30 h. Plasma harvested from blood was analyzed for metformin by validated HPLC method with UV-visible detector capable to detect metformin in the range of 0.05-5.0 microg/ml with limit of quantitation of 0.05 microg/ml. Various pharmacokinetic parameters including AUC(0-t), AUC(0-proportional to), C(max), T(max), T(1/2), and lambda(Z) were determined from plasma concentrations of both formulations and found to be in good agreement with reported values. AUC(0-t), AUC(0-proportional to) and C(max) were tested for bioequivalence after log-transformation of data. No significant difference was found based on ANOVA; 90% confidence interval (97.9-110.8% for AUC(0-t), 97.4-110.7% for AUC(0-proportional to); 95.3-110.5% for C(max)) of test/reference ratio for these parameters were found within bioequivalence acceptance range of 80-125%. Based on these statistical inferences, it was concluded that Dialon is bioequivalent to Glucophage.

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