Bioelektrokalorimetrie — der mikrobielle elektrochemische Peltier-Effekt


Based on the development of bioelectrocalorimetry, allowing the first measurements of heat production of electroactive microorganisms, the microbial electrochemical Peltier effect was discovered. This effect represents an entropic barrier at the interface of an electroactive microorganism and an insoluble electron acceptor during extracellular electron… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s12268-017-0787-3


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@article{Korth2017BioelektrokalorimetrieD, title={Bioelektrokalorimetrie — der mikrobielle elektrochemische Peltier-Effekt}, author={Benjamin Korth and Thomas Maskow and Falk Harnisch}, journal={BIOspektrum}, year={2017}, volume={23}, pages={220-222} }