Bioelectrical impedance as a discriminator of pressure ulcer risk.

  title={Bioelectrical impedance as a discriminator of pressure ulcer risk.},
  author={David R Wagner and Katherine F. Jeter and T E Tintle and Mart{\'i}n S Mart{\'i}n and John M. Long},
  journal={Advances in wound care : the journal for prevention and healing},
  volume={9 2},
In an effort to identify objective measures of tissue structure and function associated with pressure ulcer risk, bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) was measured in three progressively larger zones over the trochanter and coccyx in patients assessed at high risk for pressure ulcers (HR group) and age-matched normal controls (CONT group). Local BIA measures were significantly lower in the HR group for each individual site and zone (p < .01). Full-thickness tissue biopsies obtained from each… CONTINUE READING

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