Bioeconomic evaluation of sow longevity and profitability 1

  title={Bioeconomic evaluation of sow longevity and profitability 1},
  author={Sandra L. Rodriguez-Zas and Bruce R. Southey and Robert Victor Knox and Joseph F. Connor and Justin Lowe and B. J. Roskamp},
Sow production indicators, including litter size, litter weight, and the length of time that sows remained in the herd (sow longevity), were used to characterize sow performance and profitability. Sow longevity and production records from 148,568 sows in 32 commercial herds from Central Illinois from January 1995 to May 2001 were analyzed using survival and repeatability models, respectively. The factors studied included sow genetics (32 genetic lines), with eight major lines present in… CONTINUE READING