Biodegradation of chloroacetamide herbicides by Paracoccus sp. FLY-8 in vitro.

  title={Biodegradation of chloroacetamide herbicides by Paracoccus sp. FLY-8 in vitro.},
  author={Jun Zhang and Jin-Wei Zheng and Bin Liang and Cheng-Hong Wang and Shu J Cai and Ying-Ying Ni and Jian He and Shun-Peng Li},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={59 9},
A butachlor-degrading strain, designated FLY-8, was isolated from rice field soil and was identified as Paracoccus sp. Strain FLY-8 could degrade and utilize six chloroacetamide herbicides as carbon sources for growth, and the degradation rates followed the order alachlor > acetochlor > propisochlor > butachlor > pretilachlor > metolachlor. The influence of molecular structure of the chloroacetamide herbicides on the microbial degradation rate was first analyzed; the results indicated that the… CONTINUE READING


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