Biodegradation of 3-chlorobenzoate by Pseudomonas putida 10.2.

  title={Biodegradation of 3-chlorobenzoate by Pseudomonas putida 10.2.},
  author={W Chobchuenchom and Skorn Mongkolsuk and Amarat Bhumiratana},
  journal={World journal of microbiology & biotechnology},
  volume={12 6},
Pseudomonas putida 10.2, a 3-chlorobenzoate (3CBa)-degrading bacterium, was isolated from a soil sample obtained from an agricultural area in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This bacterium could degrade 2MM 3CBa very rapidly with the concomitant formation of chloride ion when grown in mineral salt-yeast extract medium. The presence of glucose, lactose and pyruvate in the medium reduced the capability of this bacterium to degrade 3CBa. Metabolites such as 3-chlorocatechol (3CC), catechol and cis,cis… CONTINUE READING