Biodegradable polymeric derivatives of polypeptide drugs for targeting


Relatively short polymer chains with lower critical solution temperatures were immobilized on protein macromolecules to obtain biodegradable polymeric derivatives of proteins (including those for heat-inactivated targeting of polypeptide drugs). Addition of a derivative to a multicomponent biological system and heating of the target to a temperature in… (More)
DOI: 10.1134/S0003683808020178


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@article{Valuev2008BiodegradablePD, title={Biodegradable polymeric derivatives of polypeptide drugs for targeting}, author={Lev I Valuev and G. A. Sytov and I. M. Shanazarova and Ivan L Valuev and Yu. A. Talyzenkov and Nikolina Plate}, journal={Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology}, year={2008}, volume={44}, pages={223-225} }