Biocompatible Dendritic Nanogels for Thermally Triggered Skin Penetration

  title={Biocompatible Dendritic Nanogels for Thermally Triggered Skin Penetration},
  author={Mazdak Asadian-Birjand and Fiorenza Rancan and Julio C{\'e}sar Cuggino and Katharina Achazi and Radu Mutihac and Jens Dernedde and Annika Vogt and Marcelo Calder{\'o}n},
SUMMARY Herein, we present the development of Rhodamine B labeled thermoresponsive dendritic nanogels (dNGs), which penetrate in human skin upon a thermal trigger. The easiness of the synthetic approach enabled tailoring the nanogels properties, as size and transition temperature. Skin penetration studies highlight their strong potential for pharmaceutical… CONTINUE READING