Biocompatibility of a silicon based peripheral nerve electrode.

  title={Biocompatibility of a silicon based peripheral nerve electrode.},
  author={David J. Edell and Jeanne Churchill and Ian Gourley},
  journal={Biomaterials, medical devices, and artificial organs},
  volume={10 2},
The biocompatibility of a silicon neuroelectric interface for chronic use in mammalian peripheral nerves was investigated. New Zealand white rabbits were used as the animal model. The implant was made of (110) silicon coated with one micron of silicon dioxide. An anisotropic etch was used to form a grid of ten silicon bars each 40 microns wide and spaced 160 microns apart. A Silastic nerve cuff was molded onto each side of the grid. Using microsurgical techniques, the nerve was transected and… CONTINUE READING

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