Biocompatibility and tolerability of a purely bicarbonate-buffered peritoneal dialysis solution.

  title={Biocompatibility and tolerability of a purely bicarbonate-buffered peritoneal dialysis solution.},
  author={Lars G Weiss and Bernd Stegmayr and Gudrun Malmsten and Mattias Tejde and Henrik Hadimeri and Carl E. H. Siegert and Jarl Ahlm{\'e}n and Rutger Larsson and Bo Ingman and Ole Simonsen and Henk W. van Hamersvelt and Ann Catherine Johansson and Britta Hylander and Michael J. Mayr and P Nilsson and Per O. Andersson and Tatiana De los R{\'i}os},
  journal={Peritoneal dialysis international : journal of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis},
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BACKGROUND Novel peritoneal dialysis solutions are characterized by a minimal content of glucose degradation products and a neutral pH. Many studies have shown the biocompatibility of neutral lactate-buffered solutions; however, until now, the effect of purely bicarbonate-buffered solutions has not been intensively studied in vivo. METHODS This study was an open label, prospective, crossover multicenter trial to investigate the biocompatibility of a purely bicarbonate-buffered solution… CONTINUE READING