Biocompatibility: a criterion for conservation

  title={Biocompatibility: a criterion for conservation},
  author={Alexander Frank Skutch},
  journal={Revista De Biologia Tropical},
  • A. Skutch
  • Published 1998
  • Biology
  • Revista De Biologia Tropical
A rich ecosystem Iike a tropical rain forest contains three categories of organisms: ( 1) the sustainer green photosynthetic plants of a1l growth forms, their poIlinators, seed dispersers, and proteetors'from injurious insects, and mostIy obscure decomposers Cif dead malter that replenish the soil's fertility; (2) the associates or "guests", a diverse group that appears to be rleither necessary foc the maintenance of the ecosystem nor injurious to it; and (3) the "enemies", predators great…