Biochemical markers of bone turnover.

  title={Biochemical markers of bone turnover.},
  author={Patricia M. Crofton and Heather F Stirling and Eckhard Schoenau and S Faisal Ahmed and W. Hamish B. Wallace and Jean C Wade and R Magowan and Anoupam Shrivastava and Andrew J. Lyon and Neil McIntosh and Christopher J. H. Kelnar},
  journal={Hormone research},
  volume={45 Suppl 1},
Three studies to evaluate procollagen type I C-terminal propeptide, type I collagen cross-linked telopeptide and bone alkaline phosphatase (BALP) in the assessment of bone turnover and growth in children are presented. (1) In 50 short normal children treated with placebo or growth hormone, delta BALP after 3 months of treatment was highly correlated with height velocity response after 1 year (r = 0.67, p < 0.0001). (2) In 12 children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, marked changes in… CONTINUE READING


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