Biochemical characterization of small heat shock protein HspB8 (Hsp22)-Bag3 interaction.

  title={Biochemical characterization of small heat shock protein HspB8 (Hsp22)-Bag3 interaction.},
  author={Anton A. Shemetov and Nikolai B Gusev},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={513 1},
Interaction of human Bag3 with small heat shock proteins HspB6, HspB8 and its K141E mutant was analyzed by different biochemical methods. The data of size-exclusion chromatography indicate that the wild type HspB8 forms tight complexes with Bag3. K141E mutant of HspB8 and especially HspB6 weaker interact with Bag3. The data of chemical crosslinking and analytical ultracentrifugation indicate that in vitro the stoichiometry of complexes formed by HspB8 and Bag3 is variable and is dependent on… CONTINUE READING