Biochemical characterization of a human parvovirus.

  title={Biochemical characterization of a human parvovirus.},
  author={Jonathan P. Clewley},
  journal={The Journal of general virology},
  volume={65 ( Pt 1)},
The buoyant density, nucleic acid, and proteins of the human serum parvovirus-like agent were investigated. Evidence is presented which suggests that the virus has genomic single-stranded DNA, and that complementary strands may be encapsidated in separate virions. Three proteins of 48 000, 68 000 and 80 000 mol. wt. were found to co-purify with viral antigen at a density of 1.43 g/ml on CsCl gradients. On the basis of these properties it is suggested that this virus is a parvovirus.