Biochemical and pathological changes in experimental phycomycosis.

  title={Biochemical and pathological changes in experimental phycomycosis.},
  author={Michael J. Corbel and Peter Hambleton and A B Baskerville and Nicola. Bailey},
  journal={Journal of comparative pathology},
  volume={93 2},
Intravenous inoculation of rabbits with spores of Absidia corymbifera strain V.73/8 produced acute phycomycosis and death within 2 to 10 days. Cultural and microscopical examination showed that fungal infection was widespread and involved most organ systems but with particularly extensive lesions developing in the kidneys. The progress of the infection was associated with a raised leucocyte count, an increasing erythrocyte sedimentation rate and significant changes in serum biochemistry. The… CONTINUE READING

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