Biochemical and morphological investigations of 30 human insulinomas

  title={Biochemical and morphological investigations of 30 human insulinomas},
  author={Werner O. C. Creutzfeldt and Rudolf Arnold and Claire J Creutzfeldt and Ursula Deuticke and H. Frerichs and Norman S. Track},
Thirty human insulinomas have been investigated histologically and their immunoreactive insulin (IRI) content estimated. In most cases immunohistological and ultrastructural studies were also performed and the percentage of proinsulin-like components (PLC) in the tumour determined. Except for 1 case the IRI concentration in the tumours was lower (0.01–89.0 U/g) than in the islet tissue. Histologically, immunohistologically and ultrastructurally a variable number of tumour cells contained few… CONTINUE READING