Biochemical and histopathological changes in nephrectomized mice.

  title={Biochemical and histopathological changes in nephrectomized mice.},
  author={M Al Banchaabouchi and Bart Marescau and Rudi D'hooge and Eric van Marck and Andr{\'e} Van Daele and Olivier Levillain and Peter Paul De Deyn},
  journal={Metabolism: clinical and experimental},
  volume={47 3},
Renal failure is characterized by the retention of nitrogenous metabolites such as urea, creatinine (CTN) and other guanidino compounds (GCs), uric acid, and hippuric acid, which could be related to the clinical syndrome associated with renal insufficiency. A model of renal failure has been developed in male C57BL x Swiss-Webster mice using nephrectomy (NX) and/or arterial ligation. A sham group (group A) and two nephrectomized groups, group B (one kidney removed) and group C (one kidney… CONTINUE READING
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