Biochemical and haematological effects of phenylbutazone in horses.

  title={Biochemical and haematological effects of phenylbutazone in horses.},
  author={Peter D Lees and R F Creed and E E Gerring and Perry Gould and D. J. Humphreys and Timotey E. Maitho and Alastair Robert Michell and Jamie Beavers Taylor},
  journal={Equine veterinary journal},
  volume={15 2},
Five matched pairs of horses were used to investigate the effects of phenylbutazone on a range of physiological, biochemical and haematological variables. The drug was given by mouth daily for 15 consecutive days at the manufacturer's recommended dose rates to one group of horses (Group A); the second group (Group B) received equivalent doses of a placebo. For some of the measured parameters, significant changes were recorded in both groups, indicating background instability. Significant… CONTINUE READING