Biochemical and Immunological Taxonomy of Animals

  title={Biochemical and Immunological Taxonomy of Animals},
  author={Christopher Amyas Wright},
Characterization of marine luminous bacteria isolated off the Coast of China and description ofVibrio orientalis sp. nov.
Luminous strains of marine bacteria, isolated off the Coast of China, were subjected to a phenotypic characterization, which included a test of their ability to utilize 82 organic compounds as sole
Parasite―host coevolution and geographic patterns of parasite infectivity and host susceptibility
A mathematical model of the dynamics of the parasite—host interaction where parasite infectivity and host susceptibility are defined by the matching of genotypes in a diploid system is developed and predicts dynamic polymorphisms where parasite allele frequencies track host allele frequencies but with a lag.
Short-wave absorbing pigments in the ocular lenses of deep-sea teleosts
  • R. Douglas, A. Thorpe
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
  • 1992
Several species showed an increase in the degree of lenticular pigmentation in older animals and two (Argyropelecus affinis and Malacosteus niger) demonstrated age-related changes in the relative concentrations of two different pigments within the lens.
Methods of multilocus enzyme electrophoresis for bacterial population genetics and systematics
Methodes d'extraction d'enzymes, d'electrophorese en gel et de coloration specifique des enzymes utilisees pour etudier la variation genetique chez Escherichia coli et d'autres bacteries. Les
Eye Lens Proteins and Vertebrate Phylogeny
By studying and comparing the lenses of present-day vertebrates the authors can hope to obtain information about the evolutionary changes that have taken place in structure and composition of the lens, and at the same time provide data that can be used to infer phylogenetic relationships between the compared species.