Biocatalytic separation of N-7/N-9 guanine nucleosides.

  title={Biocatalytic separation of N-7/N-9 guanine nucleosides.},
  author={Sunil Kumar Singh and Vivek Kumar Sharma and Carl Erik Olsen and Jesper Wengel and Virinder Singh Parmar and Ashok Kumar Prasad},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={75 22},
Vorbrüggen coupling of trimethylsilylated 2-N-isobutanoylguanine with peracetylated pentofuranose derivatives generally gives inseparable N-7/N-9 glycosyl mixtures. We have shown that the two isomers can be separated biocatalytically by Novozyme-435-mediated selective deacetylation of the 5'-O-acetyl group of peracetylated N-9 guanine nucleosides.