Bioavailability of vitamin E in sheep administered intramuscularly with D-alpha-tocopherol.


Two groups of five wethers each (40-50 kg body weight) were used. All were dosed intramuscularly (gluteus) with D-alpha-tocopherol. Five randomly selected sheep received a dose of 900 IU while the other five received 1800 IU. Doses were administered at 0, 6 and 14 days and at 7 day intervals for an additional 6 weeks. Plasma and liver samples were taken at various times. Single exponential equations provided good characterization of the multiple dose trough D-alpha-tocopherol concentrations in plasma and liver. There was a significant dose-response relationship for maximum concentration, area under the plasma curve and levels of hepatic alpha-tocopherol. These levels were proportional to the D-alpha-tocopherol dose given.

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