Bioavailability of sediment-associated Cu and Zn to Daphnia magna.

  title={Bioavailability of sediment-associated Cu and Zn to Daphnia magna.},
  author={Patricia L. Gillis and Chris M Wood and James F. Ranville and Patricia Chow-Fraser},
  journal={Aquatic toxicology},
  volume={77 4},
Exposures to mining-impacted, field-collected sediment (Clear Creek, CO, USA) contaminated with Cu (2.4 mg/g) and Zn (5.2 mg/g) were acutely toxic to juvenile Daphnia magna. Dissolved Cu and Zn in the overlying water (sediment+reference water) were at levels that could cause acute toxicity. To reduce dissolved metals below toxic levels, the sediment was repeatedly rinsed to remove any easily mobilized metals. Washing the sediment reduced dissolved Cu by 60% and Zn by 80%. D. magna exposed to… CONTINUE READING

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