Bioavailability of oxalate in foods.

  title={Bioavailability of oxalate in foods.},
  author={Leslie Brinkley and Justin McGuire and Jane Gregory and Charles Pak},
  volume={17 6},
The ability of 7 "oxalate-rich" foods to enhance urinary oxalate excretion was measured in 8 normal volunteers. The analyzed value for oxalate was high for spinach (1,236 mg.), moderate for chocolate (126 mg.) and tea (66 mg.), and for low vegetable juice, cranberry juice, pecans, and orange juice (2 to 26 mg.). The urinary oxalate increased by 29.3 mg. during eight hours after ingestion of spinach. However, it rose by less than 4.2 mg. from consumption of other food items. The bioavailable… CONTINUE READING

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