Bioavailability of digoxin: some pitfalls and problems.

  title={Bioavailability of digoxin: some pitfalls and problems.},
  author={Frieder Keller and Norbert Rietbrock},
  journal={International journal of clinical pharmacology and biopharmacy},
  volume={15 12},
The bioavailability of tablet formulations averages about 60% for digoxin, 75% for beta-acetyldigoxin, and 75% for beta-methyldigoxin. Bioavailability as a measure of the absolute amount reaching the systemic circulation should be calculated from steady state data. Only in steady state does the retarding effect of absorption disappear which diminishes the p.o./i.v. relation of data. For a screening test bioavailability may be calculated from 24-hour renal excretion values after a single dose… CONTINUE READING