Bioassay methods for detection of N-palmitoylbrevetoxin-B2 (BTX-B4).

  title={Bioassay methods for detection of N-palmitoylbrevetoxin-B2 (BTX-B4).},
  author={Marie-Yasmine Dechraoui Bottein and Jennifer Maucher Fuquay and Rex Munday and Andrew I. Selwood and Roel van Ginkel and Christopher O Miles and Jared I Loader and Alistair L. Wilkins and John S. Ramsdell},
  journal={Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology},
  volume={55 2-3},
Brevetoxins (BTXs) are a class of cyclic polyether toxins produced by the dinoflagellate Karenia brevis. These substances are subject to extensive conjugative metabolism in shellfish. BTX-B forms a conjugate with cysteine and is oxidized and reduced to yield BTX-B2, which is further modified by fatty acid addition via cysteine amide linkage to give biologically active brevetoxin metabolites. In this study, we evaluated the commonly used in vitro (ELISA, radioimmunoassay, receptor binding assay… CONTINUE READING