• Chemistry
  • Published 1959

Bioassay for Testing Activity of Gibberellins on Grape Shoots

  title={Bioassay for Testing Activity of Gibberellins on Grape Shoots},
  author={Robert J. Weaver and S. B. Mccune},
1. The apical 6 inches of Zinfandel and Thompson Seedless shoots were sprayed with GA 3 from 0.01 to 10,000 ppm. A pin was put through the shoot 2 inches from the apex. About 12 days after treatment the length, fresh and dry weights of stems and leaf blades separately, and total weight of shoots were determined for the growth occurring after spraying. The increase in total fresh weight of the shoot was judged to be the best criterion in this bioassay. 2. GA, and GA 3 at 25 ppm sprayed on shoots… CONTINUE READING