Bioactive constituents of Leptadenia arborea.

  title={Bioactive constituents of Leptadenia arborea.},
  author={Ali M. El-hassan and Magdi El-Sayed and Arafa I Hamed and In Ku Rhee and Ahmed Awad E. Ahmed and K P Zeller and Robert Verpoorte},
  volume={74 1-2},
The aerial part of Leptadenia arborea has been shown to contain pinoresinol (1), syringaresinol (2), leucanthemitol (3) and E-ferulaldehyde (4). These known compounds are being reported for the first time from this plant. Among them, syringaresinol has shown an inhibitory effect against acetylcholinesterase. The IC(50) (the concentration of 50% enzyme inhibition) value of this compound was 200 microg/ml. 

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