Bioactive Stratified Polymer Ceramic-Hydrogel Scaffold for Integrative Osteochondral Repair

  title={Bioactive Stratified Polymer Ceramic-Hydrogel Scaffold for Integrative Osteochondral Repair},
  author={Jie Jiang and Amy T Tang and Gerard A. Ateshian and Xiangdong Edward Guo and Clark Tung-Hui Hung and H. H. Lu},
  journal={Annals of Biomedical Engineering},
Due to the intrinsically poor repair potential of articular cartilage, injuries to this soft tissue do not heal and require clinical intervention. Tissue engineered osteochondral grafts offer a promising alternative for cartilage repair. The functionality and integration potential of these grafts can be further improved by the regeneration of a stable calcified cartilage interface. This study focuses on the design and optimization of a stratified osteochondral graft with biomimetic multi-tissue… CONTINUE READING
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