Bioaccumulation of triclocarban in Lumbriculus variegatus.

  title={Bioaccumulation of triclocarban in Lumbriculus variegatus.},
  author={Christopher P. Higgins and Zachary J Paesani and Talia E. Abbott Chalew and Rolf U. Halden},
  journal={Environmental toxicology and chemistry},
  volume={28 12},
The antimicrobial triclocarban (TCC) has been detected in streams and municipal biosolids throughout the United States. In addition, TCC and potential TCC transformation products have been detected at high levels (ppm range) in sediments near major cities in the United States. Previous work has suggested that TCC is relatively stable in these environments, thereby raising concerns about the potential for bioaccumulation in sediment-dwelling organisms. Bioaccumulation of TCC from sediments was… CONTINUE READING
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