Bioaccumulation of Tc, Pu, and Np on Bottom Sediments in Two Types of Freshwater Lakes of the Moscow Oblast

  title={Bioaccumulation of Tc, Pu, and Np on Bottom Sediments in Two Types of Freshwater Lakes of the Moscow Oblast},
  author={K. German and E. Firsova and V. F. Peretrukhin and T. V. Khizhnyak and M. Simonoff},
A laboratory study is made of Tc, Np, and Pu accumulation by natural and sterilized silts collected from two typical eutrophic and dystrophic lakes of the Moscow oblast. After a short inductive period (1-3 days), the rate of Tc uptake by the eutrophic lake silt is about twice that by the dystrophic lake silt (at a dry solid to liquid phase ratio of 0.033 g ml-1). The rate is only slightly temperature-dependent, being practically constant (at a level of about 3% per day) under certain conditions… Expand

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