Bioaccumulation and biosorption of Co2+ by Neurospora crassa

  title={Bioaccumulation and biosorption of Co2+ by Neurospora crassa},
  author={Rama Rao Karna and L. S. Sajani and Pamarthi Maruthi Mohan},
  journal={Biotechnology Letters},
Mycelial biomass of wild type and a Co2+-resistant N.crassa (cor) was used to remove Co2+ from aqueous media. Mycelia obtained from growth in nitrate N-medium (NaNO3) was more effective than ammonium N-medium (NH4NO3), in removing Co2+. Co2+-resistant N.crassa cor was more efficient than wild type in removing Co2+ from medium containing higher concentrations (500 mg/L). Metal removal was linear up to 12 h at which 35–60% Co2+ is depleted from medium, reaching near saturation by 24 h (90… CONTINUE READING

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