Bio-assay guided isolation and identification of α-glucosidase inhibitors from the leaves of Aquilaria sinensis.

  title={Bio-assay guided isolation and identification of α-glucosidase inhibitors from the leaves of Aquilaria sinensis.},
  author={Jie Feng and Xiu-wei Yang and Ru-Feng Wang},
  volume={72 2-3},
Eight α-glucosidase inhibitors including four new compounds were isolated from the 70% aqueous ethanolic extract of leaves of Aquilaria sinensis (Lour.) Gilg by activity-directed fractionation and purification processes. The ethanolic extract was first separated into petroleum ether, ethyl acetate, n-butanol and water soluble fractions and screened for inhibitory activity against α-glucosidase. Further activity-directed investigation lead to the isolation of four new compounds with moderate… CONTINUE READING


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