Bio-Medical Waste Managment in a Tertiary Care Hospital: An Overview.

  title={Bio-Medical Waste Managment in a Tertiary Care Hospital: An Overview.},
  author={Anita Pandey and Sanjiv Ahuja and Molly Madan and Ajay Kumar Asthana},
  journal={Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR},
  volume={10 11},
INTRODUCTION Bio-Medical Waste (BMW) management is of utmost importance as its improper management poses serious threat to health care workers, waste handlers, patients, care givers, community and finally the environment. Simultaneously, the health care providers should know the quantity of waste generated in their facility and try to reduce the waste generation in day-to-day work because lesser amount of BMW means a lesser burden on waste disposal work and cost saving. AIM To have an… CONTINUE READING

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