Bint al-Shati's Wives of the Prophet: Feminist or Feminine?

  title={Bint al-Shati's Wives of the Prophet: Feminist or Feminine?},
  author={Ruth Roded},
  journal={British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={51 - 66}
  • Ruth Roded
  • Published 2006
  • History
  • British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
Abstract The Egyptian writer and Islamic scholar Dr. cA'isha cAbd al-Rahman (b. 1913), who originated from the countryside, was a pioneering woman in many respects, although she did not consider herself to be a feminist. She was one of the first Egyptians to write about the agrarian problems of the country and the plight of the peasants; and of the pioneering generation of female Arab literati. She was also the first Muslim woman to undertake Quranic exegesis. Writing under her pen name, Bint… Expand


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158. Interestingly, the only 'isnād' supports the story of Zaynab bint Jahsh being partially undressed when the Prophet came to her house to look for her husband Zayd
    For example, Tabari as well as Ibn Sa c d cite Sawda bint Zam c a as the first woman Muhammad married after Khadija's death preceding c A'isha bint Abi Bakr
      In an annotated list of plays produced during the years 1848 through 1956, a small number of women playwrights appear, most of whom were noted feminists
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