Binocular visual function in patients with Boston type I keratoprostheses.

  title={Binocular visual function in patients with Boston type I keratoprostheses.},
  author={Stacy Pineles and Noa Ela-Dalman and Arthur L Rosenbaum and Anthony J Aldave and Federico G. Velez},
  volume={29 12},
PURPOSE To report the postoperative binocular function of patients with Boston type I keratoprostheses implantation for unilateral visual impairment. METHODS Seventeen patients who underwent implantation of a Boston type I keratoprosthesis and had a best-corrected visual acuity better than 20/50 in the contralateral eye before surgery were evaluated. All subjects prospectively underwent sensory testing of binocular function including Bagolini lenses, Worth-4-dot test, stereoacuity at distance… CONTINUE READING

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