Binding of radioiodinated parathyroid hormone to cloned bone cells.

  title={Binding of radioiodinated parathyroid hormone to cloned bone cells.},
  author={Ren{\'e}e Rizzoli and Martha Joan Somerman and Timothy McCleod Murray and Gerald D. Aurbach},
  volume={113 5},
We have investigated the binding of biologically active radioiodinated bovine PTH-(1-84) to cloned osteoblast-like rat osteosarcoma cells (ROS 17/2.8) and correlated binding with biological response assessed as cAMP production. The hormone was labeled with 125I on tyrosine-43 using a constant current microelectrolytic method which allows full retention of biological activity. At confluency, cells were removed from culture, and assays were carried out on intact cells in suspension. At 22 C… CONTINUE READING

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