Binding of mouse and human fibulin-2 to extracellular matrix ligands.

  title={Binding of mouse and human fibulin-2 to extracellular matrix ligands.},
  author={Takako Sasaki and Walter Goehring and T C Pan and Mon Li Chu and Rupert Timpl},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={254 5},
Recombinant mouse and human fibulin-2 were obtained as disulfide-bonded trimers from transfected kidney cell clones and used in solid phase, biosensor and radioligand binding assays. Strong binding occurred with fibronectin and required calcium. A distinct interaction was also observed with nidogen but this was only partially blocked by EDTA. Distinctly weaker affinities were detected for collagen IV, perlecan and the N-terminal globule of collagen VI alpha 3 chain, while no or only little… CONTINUE READING
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