Binding of lectins to “young” and “old” human erythrocytes

  title={Binding of lectins to “young” and “old” human erythrocytes},
  author={Toshiyuki Shinozuka and S. Takei and Junko Yanagida and Hiroshi Watanabe and Seitaro Ohkuma},
“Old” human erythrocytes showed a 21.2% decrease in cell surface area and a 2% decrease in the number of WGA receptor sites, but a 27% increase in the distribution density of the WGA (lectin) receptor site, when compared with “young” human erythrocytes. For a list of lectin abbreviations, see Materials and methods). Both “young” and “old” erythrocytes exhibited very weak binding activity for 125I-labeled PNA, but there was no difference in binding activity for PNA between “young” erythrocytes… CONTINUE READING