Binding of anti-galactosyl antibodies to galactosylated liposomes.

  title={Binding of anti-galactosyl antibodies to galactosylated liposomes.},
  author={Debi Prasad Sarkar and Mrinal K. Das},
  journal={Immunology letters},
  volume={8 5},
The binding characteristics of rabbit anti-galactosyl antibodies elicited through galactosylated liposomes were studied. The association constants (13 X 10(5) M-1 and 21 X 10(5) M-1 of Fabmu and Fab fragments with the galactosylated liposomes were determined by measuring the binding of radioiodinated antibodies. The effect of free ligand (methyl-beta-D-galactopyranoside) and the ligand coupled to the liposomal surface (galactosylated liposomes) on the structure of antibodies was investigated… CONTINUE READING