Binding of Streptococcus gordonii to extracellular matrix proteins.

  title={Binding of Streptococcus gordonii to extracellular matrix proteins.},
  author={Barbara Giomarelli and Livia Visai and Karolin Hijazi and Simonetta Rindi and Michela Ponzio and Francesco Iannelli and Pietro Speziale and Gianni Pozzi},
  journal={FEMS microbiology letters},
  volume={265 2},
Knock-out mutants of Streptococcus gordonii Challis were constructed and assayed for binding to extracellular matrix proteins (EMPs) by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). It was shown that (i) the mutant lacking the cell wall polysaccharide receptor could no longer bind type I and type II collagen, (ii) the mutant lacking the fibronectin-binding proteins CshA and FbpA was also strongly impaired in collagen binding and (iii) the mutant lacking the methionine sulfoxide reductase MsrA was… CONTINUE READING
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